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QuickBooks Merchant Services have NONE of these costs!

Beware of Hidden Costs!


Many processors might advertise the "lowest rates" but then load on extra costs — you could end up paying a LOT more than you think.

For example:

Some Common Hidden Costs that we DO NOT have

  • NO Annual Fee
  • NO Early Termination Fee
  • NO Merchant Club Fee
  • NO Network Inquiry Fee
  • NO Equipment Maintenance Fee
  • NO Communications Fee
  • NO Equipment Swap Fee
  • NO Statement Fee
  • NO Account Update Fee
  • NO Address Verification Fee
  • NO Voice-Authorization Fee
QuickBooks Merchant Services have NONE of these costs!

Do you really want to trust your money on a processor who loads on all these extra costs?

Become one of our 220,000 merchants who trust the small-business experts to handle their money!


Save Time and Money by Accepting Credit Cards, Debit Cards, and Checks


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