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"Sorry, it looks like you need a subscription to start using QuickBooks, when trying to update Quick

"Sorry, it looks like you need a subscription to start using QuickBooks", when trying to update QuickBooks Enterprise.

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There has recently been a change in updating QuickBooks Enterprise 15 and 16.

Intuit released the following info:

QuickBooks Enterprise Customers with inactive Full Service Plan unable to update to later release

Customers with an active QuickBooks Enterprise Full Service Plan (FSP) will be able to update their QuickBooks Enterprise 15 and QuickBooks Enterprise 16 to the latest release.  Customers with an inactive FSP will be prevented from updating beyond the last entitled release.

Detailed information

What is changing?

Effective with the QuickBooks Enterprise (QBES) 15 R6 release and the QBES 16 R1 release, customers with inactive Full Service Plan (FSP) will be able to continue using the program, but will no longer have slip streams, updates or bug fixes pro-actively pushed out via in product messages or via Intuit’s support team. This not a change in policy or a change to our End User License Agreement (EULA), but is a change in our practices. We recognize that this will come as a big change to some customers.

Intuit will continue to deliver Ultra Light Patches (Critical Updates) for all active and in-active customers, for critical situations where this is needed.

As a reminder, keep your FSP or your Enterprise subscription (Gold, Silver, and Platinum) active to receive uninterrupted access to all future maintenance releases, including e-invoicing.

Why is this change being made?

As a result of changes to support our overall Small Business subscriber base, some of our accounting and revenue recognition is changing, which limits our ability to pro-actively release slip streams, bug fixes, and maintenance releases beyond year one to in active subscribers. The good news for our customers is that we now have the opportunity to offer more frequent feature updates and improvements to our active QuickBooke Enterprise subscribers than we ever have before. Our product team is hard at work to plan out improvements for QuickBooks Enterprise . We make product improvement decisions based on input from you and all of our customers, so please keep sending in your suggestions.

Which customers are affected?

  • QBES 15 customers on release R6 (and beyond) who do not have an active FSP. Important note: Once you are on QBES 2015 R6 and beyond, if you let your FSP lapse, then you will no longer receive the maintenance updates.
  • QBES 16 customers on release R1 (and beyond) who do not have an active FSP.

Which QBES 15/16 customers are not affected?

  • QBES 15/16 customers with an active FSP, Payroll or Payments subscription
  • QBES 15/16 Gold/Silver/Platinum subscription customers
  • QBES 15/16 Accountant customers
  • QBES 13 and 14 customers who do not have an active FSP – you can continue to get all the updates for QBES 13 and 14. In some cases, it may be a good idea for you to stay on QBES 14 and QBES 13.

Why does this not affect QBES 13 & 14?

This goes back to the revenue recognition and accounting rules. QBES 13 & QBES 14 inactive customers will continue to receive maintenance updates. However, they will not receive the feature and product improvements that we will begin to release more frequently in QBES 15.

What kind of update is affected?

Maintenance Releases are the types of releases that will change and will no longer be available to inactive customers on QBES 2015 and beyond. Maintenance releases are slipstreams, or bug fixes, such as R7.

ULIPs and OCDs (critical fixes) are not changing. QBES will continue to deliver these to support critical needs. However, these are reserved for critical, emergency situations and are not as commonplace as maintenance releases.

Are Not For Resale (NFR) copies affected (developer network, Beta customers, ETC.)?

No. QBES NFRs will continue getting the updates in-product as well as be able to install patches.

Are Pro Advisors affected?

No. Any current or previous ProAdvisor will continue getting the updates in-product as well as be able to install patches. If the Accountant was ever a member or subscriber to the ProAdvisor Program, then he/ she would continue getting the updates.

Does this affect Pro and Premier?

No. Pro/Premier desktop products recognize revenue and deliver updates in a different way from QBES FSP Subscriptions and QBES Subscriptions.

What about customers who have signed up for containment?

In most cases QBES 2015 customers without FSP who have issues that are solved after R6 will not be able to install the fix patch. The exception is if the fix is considered a critical update and is provided in a ULIP or emergency patch with flags that allow installation with inactive FSP.

What about Payroll?

QBES 2015 customers with inactive FSP but who have an active Payroll subscriptions are not affected and will still get updates.

What about eInvoicing?

QBES 2015 customers with inactive FSP but who have an active Payments (Merchant Services) subscription are not affected and can continue to use Payments features such as eInvoicing


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